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Pearl Harbor During World War II

Mooring and Berthing Plans

Chart of Pearl Harbor.
Note: This chart is drawn in two sections, separated by the heavy broken line and is not to scale, the lower section being larger in porportion.
Key: 1. COMDESPAC (Admin) Office. 2. Fleet Gun & Torp. School. 3. DESPAC Torpedo Shop. 4. Attack Teacher. 5. Sound School. 6. SUBASE Landing. 7. Diving Tower (SUBASE). 8. Boat House (SUBASE). 9. Oil Dock. 10. Stores Landing and Dock. 11. Fleet Landing. 12. Ferry Landing. 13. Fleet Post Office. 14. Receiving Station. 15. BOQ, Receiving Station. 16. BLOCH Recreation Center. 17. Main Gate. 18. Officers' Club. 19. Administration Building. 20. Admin. Building Annex. 21. Landing "C". 22. Hospital Landing. 23. US Naval Hospital. 24. Landing "A". 25. N.S.D. Landing. 26. Bldg "KB" (Stores Delivery). 27. Yard Craft Landing. 28. Fleet Camera Party Landing. 29. Cage Mast (CINCPAC). 30. Richardson Landing. 31. CINCPAC Landing. 32. AIEA Landing & C&SS Issue Office. 33. Richardson Recreation Center. 34. Fire Fighting School.

Chart of Pearl Harbor.
Chart of Pearl Harbor, Oahu, T.H., Mooring & Berthing Plan: showing the mooring and berthing areas around Ford Island Naval Air Station, Powder Point, Naval Ammunition Depot West Loch, Hickham Field, Hospital Point, Navy Yard, Submarine Base, AIEA, along the East Loch, Pearl City Peninsula, Middle Loch, to Bluff Point.

Source: Pearl Harbor, ZE files, Navy Department Library.

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