America's Naval Heritage

A Catalog of Early Imprints from the Navy Department Library

Commanders and Heroes

U.S. brig Perry confronting a slave trader, lithograph.

 U.S. brig Perry confronting a slave trader, lithograph.


 [Foote, Andrew Hull] (1806-1863).

Africa and the American Flag. By Commander Andrew H. Foote . . . New York [etc.]: D. Appleton & Co., 1854. 390 p., frontispiece (colored), map, plates (colored), 20 cm.

"Lieut. Foote commanded the U.S. brig Perry, 1850-51, on the coast of Africa, with orders to break up the slave trade carried on in vessels flying the American flag . . . The last half of the book is practically a copy of the log of the ship during the cruise to capture slavers. The narrative is clear, concise, and includes many thrilling incidents." -Larned. Foote was "zealous in putting down the slave trade, a goal he made almost a crusade with subsequent public lectures and his book Africa and the American Flag, 1854." --Webster.


 Peterson, Charles Jacob (1819-1887).

The American Navy: Being an Authentic History of the United States Navy, and Biographical Sketches of American Naval Heroes, from the Formation of the Navy to the Close of the Mexican War, by Charles J. Peterson. Illustrated with Over One Hundred Fine Engravings. Philadelphia: J. B. Smith & Co., 1856. xiii, 545 p., frontispiece, illus., plates, portraits, 23 cm.

Peterson begins with colonial times and ends with the Mexican War. All of that accomplished in the first 48 pages! The focus of this work is really biographical. Pages 49-545 present, with many portraits, 36 biographical sketches of American naval officers. This volume was first published in 1852 as A History of the United States Navy. Although Peterson's history appeared in five other printings, all are scarce. The printings noted in the NUC are the 1856 in main entry above, 1857 (2 copies located), 1858 (1 copy located), 1858 (2 copies located), 1859 (2 copies located), and 1860 (1 copy located).


 Frontispiece illustration