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Admiral Gary Roughead

U.S. Navy

29th Chief of Naval Operations

(29 September 2007 – Present)

Adm. Roughead is a 1973 graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

Among his six operational commands, Adm. Roughead was the first officer to command both classes of Aegis ships, having commanded USS Barry and USS Port Royal.

As a Flag Officer, Adm. Roughead commanded Cruiser Destroyer Group 2, the George Washington Battle Group; and U.S. Second Fleet/NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic and Naval Forces North Fleet East.

Ashore, he served as Commandant, United States Naval Academy, the Department of the Navy’s Chief of Legislative Affairs, and as Deputy Commander, U.S. Pacific Command.

Adm. Roughead is one of only two officers to have commanded the Fleets in the Pacific and Atlantic, commanding the U.S. Pacific Fleet and Joint Task Force 519, as well as Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces, where he was responsible for ensuring Navy forces were trained, ready, equipped and prepared to operate around the world, where and when needed.

Adm. Roughead's awards include the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Navy Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, and various unit and service awards.

Adm. Roughead became the 29th Chief of Naval Operations on 29 September 2007.


12 August 2008