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VF (Fighter Squadron) Insignia that have been "officially" approved by OPNAVINST. 5030.4E (Note: This listing only includes current operational squadrons)

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Lineage: Established as VF-2 on 14 October 1972

Insignia approved: 4 June 1973



Established as VF-43 on 1 September 1950

Redesignated VF-11 on 16 February 1959

Insignia approved: *

*VF-11 adopted the insignia used by the previous VF-11 which had been disestablished on 15 Feb 1959. The new VF-11 (redesignated from VF-43 on 16 Feb 1959) carried on the insignia and traditions of the old Red Ripper squadron BUT ITS LINEAGE AND HISTORY DO NOT DATE BACK TO THE OLD VF-11 DISESTABLISHED ON 15 FEB 1959.



Established as VF-1B on 1 July 1935

Redesignated VF-6 on 1 July 1937

Redesignated VF-3 on 15 July 1943

Redesignated VF-3A on15 November 1946

Redesignated VF-31 on 7 August 1948

Insignia approved: 26 July 1946



Established as VBF-3 on 1 February 1945

Redesignated VF-4A on 15 November 1946

Redesignated VF-32 on 7 August 1948

Insignia approved: 26 August 1988*

*This approval was a modification to the original insignia which had been approved in 1948.


Lineage: Established as VF-101 on 1 May 1952

Insignia approved: 17 December 1952*

*The Grim Reapers insignia had originally been approved for used by VF-10 during World War II. VF-10 was disestablished after the war and VF-101 received approval to use the old insignia. However, the lineage and history of VF-10 are NOT PART OF THE HISTORY AND LINEAGE OF VF-101. The VF-101 insignia was slightly modified and the modification approved on 31 December 1984.



Established as VA-36 on 1 July 1955

Redesignated VF-102 on 1 July 1955 (the same day it was established as VA-36)*

Insignia approved: 16 April 1985

*The same day VA-36 was established and redesignated VF-102 the existing VF-102 was redesignated VA-36. There is no connection between the former VF-102 which became VA-36 and the VF-102 which was designated from the newly established VA-36.


Lineage: Established as VF-103 on 1 May 1952

Insignia approved: 11 October 1995*

* The squadron adopted the old insignia used by VF-17 (WW-II) and VF-84 (post WW-II). However, the history and lineage of VF-103 ARE NOT PART OF THE HISTORY AND LINEAGE OF VF-17 OR VF-84.



VF-871 Reserve squadron called to active duty on 20 July 1950

Redesignated VF-123 on 4 February 1953

Redesignated VF-53 on 12 April 1958

Redesignated VF-143 on 20 June 1962

Insignia approved: 1 August 1994*

* This is a formal approval of an insignia used by VF-53 and VF-143 since the late 1950s. Due to confusion surrounding the use of the insignia by two different squadrons that had been assigned the VF-53 designation, the administrative procedures for insignia approval lapsed.



VF-837 Reserve squadron called to active duty on 1 February 1951

Redesignated VF-154 on 4 February 1953

Insignia approved: 6 November 1957



Established as VB-74 on 1 May 1945

Redesignated VA-1B on 15 November 1946

Redesignated VA-24 on 1 September 1948

Redesignated VF-24 on 1 December 1949

Redesignated VF-211 on 9 March 1959

Insignia approved: 12 January 1998



Lineage: Established as VF-213 on 22 June 1955

Insignia approved: 30 August 1956*

*Confusion regarding the date of VF-213's insignia resulted in the squadron obtaining another CNO approval for the design on 22 September 1981.


NOTE: The Insignia and Lineage in the above community listing is ONLY FOR CURRENTLY ACTIVE NAVY SQUADRONS. A complete listing of all Navy squadrons and their insignia have not been compiled at this time due to the extensive nature of this listing.

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