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805 Kidder Breese SE -- WASHINGTON NAVY YARD
WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

HS (Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron) Insignia that have been "officially" approved by OPNAVINST. 5030.4E (Note: This listing only includes current operational squadrons)

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Lineage: Established as HS-2 on 7 March 1952

Insignia approved: 19 November 1965


Lineage: Established HS-3 on 18 June 1952

Insignia approved: 20 April 1965


Lineage: Established as HS-4 on 30 June 1952

Insignia approved: 4 May 1984


Lineage: Established as HS-5 on 3 January 1956

Insignia approved: 8 May 1989


Lineage: Established as HS-6 on 1 June 1956

Insignia approved: 17 August 1956


Lineage: Established as HS-7 on 15 December 1969

Insignia approved: 24 April 1970



Lineage: Established as HS-8 on 1 November 1969

Insignia approved: 26 September 1956


Lineage: Established as HS-10 on 1 July 1960

Insignia approved: 2 July 1990



Lineage: Established as HS-11 on 27 June 1957

Insignia approved: 26 August 1960



Lineage: Established as HS-14 on 10 July 1984

Insignia approved: 10 January 1994



Lineage: Established as HS-15 on 29 October 1971

Insignia approved: 22 June 1972



Lineage: Established as HS-75 on 1 June 1970

Insignia approved: 19 June 1972



NOTE: The Insignia and Lineage in the above community listing is ONLY FOR CURRENTLY ACTIVE NAVY SQUADRONS. A complete listing of all Navy squadrons and their insignia have not been compiled at this time due to the extensive nature of this listing.

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7 September 2000