Naval History and Heritage Command

Without a decisive Naval force we can
do nothing definitive - and with it,
everything honorable and glorious.

George Washington to Marquis de Lafayette, 15 November 1781

Image from Pentagon Panel 1

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Whether you visit one of the official U.S. Navy Museums, take advantage of public programs and publications, or seek knowledge through the artifacts, documents, images and artwork available at the NHHC, you will find that this is where the history, legacy and traditions of the United States Navy come alive.

**Access to some of the collections located at the Washington Navy Yard may be limited. Please refer to the Notices section below for the most current information.

Navy Birthday

The Navy celebrates its birthday on 13 October. Learn the history of this day in 1775, and join in the celebration this year.


Archives Access
Public access to ship and aviation histories and the Photo Archives' naval subject collection is available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call 202-433-3224 at least two weeks in advance. Requests for information from the archives staff are also being accepted by mail or fax.

Command Operations Reports
Until further notice, the NHHC can no longer accept Command Operations Reports (COR) via NIPR or SIPR email. All commands submitting unclassified, confidential, or secret reports shall submit CORs via commercial courier (FedEx or UPS). >>More

Curator Artifact Collection
NHHC's Curator Branch is consolidating its artifact collections into a single storage location in Richmond, Va.  During the relocation, artifact accessibility and staff availability will both be severely restricted.  Responses to requests for artifact support and for loans therefore are not being entertained.  Please check the NHHC website for updates.

Navy Art Gallery
The exhibition space of the Navy Art Collection is now located in The National Museum of the United States Navy on the Washington Navy Yard (Building 76).  We look forward to your visit.

Most of the Navy's historic art collection is stored offsite as part of an initiative to improve the conditions in which they are kept. Research request response times will be longer than in the past, and official requests will have priority. Contact the Art Collection staff at (202) 433-3815.


Ship Naming Report
(436k PDF)


60th Anniversary of the Korean War

Additional resources related to U.S. Navy commemorations


NHHC employees only.
CAC access required.

Photo of president John F. Kennedy
Cuban Missile Crisis
Photo of the USS Cole
USS Cole
photo of Admiral Joseph James Clark - Cherokee Indian
Native American Heritage
The CSS Virginia’s ram, and not her guns, was her most effective weapon. Using it against the sloop-of-war USS Cumberland, Virginia was able to destroy the wooden warship in a short fight.(HRNM image)
Civil War
Spanish American War painting
Spanish American War
Painting of the Navy Hospital Ship USS Solace
Navy Medicine
Sitting Duck, Colored pencil, 1950s
Korean War
USS Constitution artists rendition
USS Constitution
Virtual Tour
Water sprays from a test blast off the starboard side of Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
Assault Wave Cox'n, Watercolor, 1944
Invasion of Normandy
Stack of books photo
What's New Online, from the Library
Submarine prow photo
Command Operation Reports

Today in U.S. Naval History

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