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Frequently Asked Questions

Of the thousands of questions the center receives during the year, these are the most common topics for queries:

  1. Abbreviations, Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations, 1949
  2. Abbreviations Used for Navy Enlisted Ratings, 1970
  3. Aces, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps
  4. African Americans and the U. S. Navy
  5. Aircraft Carriers, historical data on
  6. Aircraft in current Naval Aviation Inventory; photos, data and drawings
  7. Aircraft in current Naval Aviation Inventory; squadrons that fly them
  8. Aircraft Drawings
  9. Aircraft Markings, U.S. Navy
  10. Alabama, CSS
  11. Alligator, USS
  12. Alcohol in the Navy
  13. Alphabet, Phoenetic, and Signal Flags
  14. The U.S. Navy and the Amistad
  15. Armed Guard, Naval
  16. Astronauts, Chronology of Space Mission involving Navy and Marine Corps, 1961- April 1981
  17. Aviation Insignia, Places that Sell Aviation Patches
  18. Aviation Squadron Lineages
  19. Awards and Medals
  20. Ball Caps
  21. Battle Streamers, U.S. Navy
  22. Bells on Ships
  23. Bermuda Triangle
  24. Bibliography Series
  25. Biographies of Navy personnel new information
  26. Birthday of the U.S. Navy
  27. Birthplace of the U.S. Navy new information
  28. Book Dealers
  29. Boxer Rebellion, China 1900-1901
  30. Brashear, Carl, Master Chief Boatswain's Mate
  31. "Brass Monkey"
  32. "Bravo Zulu"
  33. Burial at Sea
  34. Casualties: U.S. Navy, Coast Guard Vessels, Sunk or Damaged Beyond Repair in War
  35. Casualties: U.S. Navy Ships Lost in Selected Storm/Weather Related Incidents
  36. Casualties: U. S. Navy and Marine Corps Personnel Killed and Wounded in wars, conflicts and incidents with hostile forces 1775-present
  37. Casualties, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Personnel, World War II
  38. Certificates for Crossing the Line, Plank Owners,and Other Unoffical Ceremonies
  39. Chief of Naval Operations, list of officers serving as
  40. Chief Petty Officer
  41. Christening, Launching, and Commissioning of U. S. Navy Ships
  42. Code Talkers, World War II
  43. Code Words, World War II
  44. Combat Demolition Units new information
  45. Commissioning Pennant
  46. Conflicts involving U.S. Navy
  47. Constitution, USS
  48. Crew Member Information
  49. Crossing the Line, Certificates, Documents, Eyewitness Accounts
  50. Crossroads, Atomic Tests at Bikini in 1946
  51. Cruise Books
  52. Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
  53. Customs and Traditions: a bibliography
  54. D-Day, the Normandy Invasion, 6-25 June 1944
  55. Dates in Naval History
  56. Decatur, Stephen
  57. Deck Logs of Navy Ships
  58. Destroyers Transferred to Great Britain under Destroyer for Bases Agreement
  59. Dining In/Dining Out
  60. Diving in the U.S. Navy; a Brief History
  61. Documents, Historic, Relating to U.S. Navy
  62. "Dog Tags," Personal Indentification Tags
  63. Earhart, Amelia
  64. Emancipation Proclamation, U.S. Navy General Order No. 4
  65. Exercise Tiger, Normandy Training Exercise
  66. Family Members Serving Together at Sea
  67. Father of the U.S. Navy new information
  68. Flag, U.S. Navy
  69. Fleet Admirals
  70. Flight 19, Loss of
  71. "Frocking" of Naval Personnel
  72. Grenada, Operation Urgent Fury, Oct-Nov 1983
  73. Great White Fleet
  74. Honors to President George Washington
  75. H.L. Hunley, submerged wreck of
  76. Hurricanes and Typhoons: The Effect of Cyclonic Winds on U.S. Naval Operations.
  77. Hymn, Navy, "Eternal Father, Strong to Save,"
  78. Iwo Jima Flag Raising .
  79. Indianapolis, USS, (CA-35); Loss of, 30 July 1945
  80. Jones, John Paul
  81. Maine, USS, Sinking of, 1898
  82. Manila Bay, Battle of, 1 May 1898
  83. Marine Corps Historical Center
  84. Medals, Campaign and Service
  85. Medal of Honor, Navy & Marine Corps Recipients
  86. Merchant Ship Photography
  87. Midway, Battle of, 4-7 June 1942
  88. Military Goods Dealers
  89. Miller, Doris "Dorie" Pearl Harbor hero
  90. Motion Picture Information
  91. National Security and Military History: Research Guide
  92. Native Americans in the U.S. Navy
  93. Navy Cross
  94. Navy Department, Establishment of the
  95. Navy Numbers (FPO) World War II to disguise mail addresses
  96. NC-4, The First Flight Across the Atlantic
  97. Normandy Invasion, 6-25 June 1944
  98. Nuclear Testing
  99. Nurses in the U.S. Navy:
  100. Officers, Famous in the U.S. Navy, 1794-1815, Select Reading List
  101. Official Service and Medical Records
  102. Operation Tiger, Normandy Training Exercise
  103. Oral History: A Guide for Conducting Naval Historical Interviews
  104. Oral History: Creating a Personal Memoir of Your Naval Service
  105. Oral History: Recollections of World War II Experiences
  106. Patches, Navy: A Select Bibliography
  107. Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941updated information
  108. Personal Indentification Tags, "Dog Tags"
  109. Personal Memoir, How to Create
  110. Personnel Records: Service and Medical
  111. Personnel Strength of the Navy 1775-present
  112. Philadelphia Experiment
  113. Photography, U.S. Navy
  114. Photographers, Commercial
  115. Plank Owners
  116. Pirate, USS, (AM-275); Loss of, 12 Oct 1950
  117. Port Chicago Naval Magazine Explosion, 17 July 1944
  118. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Claims
  119. Presidents who Served in the U.S. Navy
  120. Presidential Ship Visits
  121. Prisoners of War, World War II
  122. Proximity Fuse
  123. PT Boats: Information and a Select Bibliography
  124. Q-Ships (anti-submarine vessels disguised as merchant ships)
  125. Quonset Huts
  126. Ratings (Jobs) of Enlisted Personnel in the U.S. Navy
  127. Recipes, Navy
  128. Regulations, historic naval
  129. Researchers, Commercial
  130. Reunion Sources
  131. Reunion-Veteran Organizations
  132. "Rocks and Shoals"
  133. USS Scorpion, USS, (SSN-589); Lost on 22 May 1968
  134. S-33, USS, (SS-138)
  135. Seabees, History of Naval Construction Battalions
  136. Seal, U.S. Navy
  137. Secretary of the Navy, Individuals serving as
  138. Ship's Bell
  139. Shipboard Life in the 19th Century
  140. Ship Force Levels 1917-1998
  141. Ships: Launching and Commissioning
  142. Ships, U.S. Navy: Histories
  143. Ships, U.S. Navy: Lost and Damaged in Action during Wars
  144. Ships: U.S. Navy: Lost in Selected Storm/Weather Related Incidents
  145. Ships, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard: Lost or Damaged Beyond Repair during World War II
  146. Ship Naming in the United States Navy
  147. Ship Plans
  148. Ship Study, Sources
  149. Ships' Deck Logs
  150. Ships' Patches
  151. Signal Flags
  152. Somers, brig, 1842
  153. Squalus, USS (SS-192): The Sinking, Rescue of Survivors, and Subsequent Salvage, 1939
  154. Submarine Battle Flags of World War II
  155. Submarines, U.S. Navy: Losses, Selected Accidents, and Selected Incidents of Damage Resulting from Enemy Action
  156. Submerged Aircraft and Ships; Navy Department Policy
  157. Sullivan Brothers
  158. 21-gun Salute
  159. Tecumseh, USS
  160. Terrorism, Research Guide new information
  161. Thresher, USS, (SSN-593); lost on 10 April 1963
  162. Titanic, RMS
  163. Tokyo Bay Surrender Ceremony, 2 September 1945
  164. Tulip, USS
  165. Typhoons and Hurricanes: The Effect of Cyclonic Winds on U.S. Naval Operations
  166. U-2 and Aircraft Carrier Deployment
  167. U-505, Capture of
  168. U-571
  169. U-1105, submerged wreck of
  170. UFO Research Guide
  171. Uniforms, naval
  172. VT Fuze or Radio Proximity Fuze
  173. Wars and Conflicts of the U.S. Navy updated information
  174. Washington, George, Honors to the President
  175. Washington Navy Yard history
  176. Women in the U.S. Navy
  177. Z-Grams
  178. Zumwalt, Elmo Jr., Admiral

3 December 2001