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Port Chicago Naval Magazine Explosion, 1944: Bibliography of Published and Archival Sources

Published Sources:

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Unpublished Archival Sources:

12th Naval District. Record of the Board of Investigation into the damage inflicted by the Port Chicago explosion, Exhibit Port Chicago Explosion, Document C to EDDD, Exhibits 2482 and 2483, Volumes I and II, log number 9533. National Archives and Records Administration, Pacific Sierra Region, 1000 Commodore Drive, San Bruno CA., 94066-2350.

12th Naval District. Record of Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry into the Port Chicago Explosion, volumes 1 through 8, log number 9788 (file A17-25). National Archives and Records Administration, Pacific Sierra Region, 1000 Commodore Drive, San Bruno CA., 94066-2350. [Finding of Facts, Opinion and Recommendation available online]

Courts martials records relating to the Port Chicago mutiny consist of 1700 pages of documents. The first 100 pages are free and the remaining 1600 pages cost 15 cents each. To purchase a copy of these records, send a check or money order for $240.00, payable to "Treasurer of the United States," to:
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