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African Americans and the U. S. Navy

Documents Relating to African Americans and the Armed Services

1. The American Squadron: Ashburton Treaty: Consular Sea Letters Reviewed, in an Address by Commander A. H. Foote, U.S.N.
2. Emancipation Proclamation, U.S. Navy General Order No. 4 of 14 January 1863
3. Secretary of the Navy Press Release: Navy to Accept Negroes for General Service, 7 April 1942
4. Bureau of Naval Personnel Circular Letter 269-43: Nondiscrimination in Selection of Personnel for Training in Navy V-12 Program, 15 December 1943
5. Secretary of the Navy Press Release: Negro Women to be Accepted in Wormen's Reserve, U.S. Naval Reserve, 19 October 1944
6. The Guide to Command of Negro Naval Personnel, Bureau of Naval Personnel,1945
7. Presidential Executive Order 9981: Desegregation of the Armed Services, 26 July 1948
8. Admiral Zumwalt's Z-gram 66 on Equal Opportunity, 17 December 1970
9. Racial Incidents Onboard USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) and USS Constellation (CVA-64), 1972