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Naval Aviation Insignia

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The U.S. Navy does not issue or provide the funds for squadron or other aviation unit insignia patches. A naval aviation squadron or aviation command is not required to have an insignia. If a unit chooses to have an official insignia, the unit must have the insignia approved by the Office of Chief of Naval Operations, Director, Air Warfare (N88H). After approval, the individual unit has the responsibility of ordering the patches from a private company or organization that makes this type of item. Below is a list of companies involved in making patches. Individual aviation commands sell their patches to cover the cost of producing them. Patches of active duty aviation squadrons or units can only be obtained by writing directly to each squadron. Addresses for active duty commands may be obtained by writing to the Chief of Naval Operations, Code N09B22, 2000 Navy Pentagon, Washington, DC 20350-2000.

Insignia approval records, for naval aviation units only, are maintained by the History Center's Aviation History Office. The insignia records usually include a drawing or photograph of the insignia. However, the office does not have custody of the actual patches. Patches for units that have been disestablished can be obtained from private collections, from military goods dealers, and by ordering a patch prepared by a private company or organization, as listed below. The American Society of Military Insignia Collectors may be able to assist personnel in obtaining patches on units no longer active. Their address is 1331 Bradley Avenue, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania 17036.

Many World War II squadrons and Naval Air Reserve Squadrons prior to 1970 did not get their insignia officially approved even though the squadrons may have used an insignia. The Aviation History Office does not have any records for commands that did not obtain official approval of their insignia. The office only maintains insignia for naval aviation commands. It does not approve or maintain insignia records for any other Navy commands, including ships that are aviation related, such as aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, seaplane tenders, etc...

12 May 1996