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Chief Selectee Initiation Questions: MCPON's Policy

Source: Direct Line Bulletin 1, no.5 (May-June 1996)
Postcripts to Direct Line "Special Edition"

Allow me to add a few important post scripts to the "Direct Line - Special Edition" and the enclosures being mailed with it.

Several flyers from the U.S. Naval Institute are included to provide information on how to order books for the CPO selectee Naval Heritage reading project, receive special handling (and possibly some significant discounts). Check the Navy Exchange first. NEXCOM is currently expediting orders to stock many titles in the Uniform Shop.

This project will challenge the CMC and COB and the entire CPO mess, but I am convinced it will be immensely worth the effort. Some options to consider:

Schedule CPO Indoctrination as late in the Initiation Season as possible to allow time to finish the reading assignment or at least to be far enough along to facilitate discussion.

Assign each selectee a different book for reading or offer several choices or assign every selectee the same reading as meets your needs.

Selectees can purchase the books and keep them for their own library collection or the CPO mess can purchase them and make the books the first volumes in a CPO mess Naval Heritage library.

Consider assigning selectees a brief writing assignment in connection with their reading to facilitate discussion during CPO indoctrination.

You will also find enclosed a flyer on the first annual Naval Institute enlisted essay contest. I encourage every Chief and CPO selectee to consider preparing and submitting an entry. The choice of subjects is completely up to the individual. I strongly encourage Sailors to consider writing an essay on some aspect of the relationship of Navy's Core Values to our history and our mission.

The Naval Historical Center has been very cooperative in generating our first draft of the Naval Heritage Reading list and in helping us to do other research. They are not, however, staffed to respond to telephone inquiries or research questions related to CPO Initiation.

Please don't allow your CPO selectees to call them. There is no learning value in some one else doing their research.

Send legitimate questions (about CPO history) which are beyond your local resources to my office. We will staff them as we are able and put the answers out for everyone's benefit for future CPO Initiation seasons.

Have a great Initiation Season!
All the best,
Master Chief
Petty Officer of the Navy

7 January 2008