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Duplication Order Form

This form must accompany your check or money order when requesting CD-ROM, microfiche, or microfilm copies. Checks or money orders must be in U.S. funds and made payable to the Department of the Navy. Overseas orders require an international check or money order. Payment cannot be accepted in cash.

Please type or clearly print the following information.

YOUR NAME: ________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:   ________________________________________________________


TELEPHONE: ________________________________________________________

I am enclosing $ 10.00 (Check or money order made payable to the Department of the Navy):

(__) DUPLICATION OF CD-ROM(S) NUMBERS: (type or print CD number(s) for the digitized documents that you want to order.)

___The USS Lagarto (SS 371) War patrol Report # 1 has been placed on CD-ROM, "SH CD-0064".

Please mail this completed form with your check or money order to:

Naval Warfare Division: Ships History
Naval Historical Center
805 Kidder Breese Street SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060

09 August 2005