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Destroyers Transferred to Great Britain under Destroyer for Bases Agreement

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Documents, Historic, Relating to U.S. Navy

Indianapolis, USS, (CA-35); Loss of, 30 July 1945

Maine, USS, Sinking of, 1898

Merchant Ships and Merchant Mariners during World War II -Research Sources

Presidential Ship Visits

PT Boats: Information and a Select Bibliography

Q-Ships (anti-submarine vessels disguised as merchant ships)

Ship Force Levels, 1886-present

Ships Histories - DANFS

Ships: Launching and Commissioning

Ships, U.S. Navy: Lost in Selected Storm/Weather Related Incidents

Ships, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard: Lost or Damaged Beyond Repair during World War II

Ship Naming in the U.S. Navy

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Shipboard Life in the 19th Century

Tecumseh, USS

Tulip, USS

U-2 and Aircraft Carrier Deployment

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