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A Research Guide - Finding Navy Personnel

Abbreviations Used for Navy Enlisted Ratings, 1970

African Americans and the U. S. Navy

Armed Guard, Naval

Asians & Pacific Islanders

Aviation Insignia, Aviation Patches/Plaques Vendors

Aviation Records: Crew and Passenger Flight Manifests

Bibliography Series

Biographies of Navy personnel

Burial at Sea

Casualties: U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Personnel Killed and Wounded in wars, conflicts and incidents with hostile forces 1775-present

Chief Petty Officer

Crew Member Information

Dog Tags - Personal Identification Tags

Fleet Admirals


Frocking of Naval Personnel

Native Americans

Nurses in the U.S. Navy

Officers, Famous in the U.S. Navy, 1794-1815, Select Reading List

Oral History: Creating a Personal Memoir of Your Naval Service

Oral History: Recollections of World War II Experiences

Personnel Records: Service and Medical

Personnel Strength of the Navy 1775-present

Patches, Navy: A Select Bibliography

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Claims

Prisoners of War, World War II

Reunion Sources

Reunion-Veteran Organizations

Ratings (Jobs) of Enlisted Personnel in the U.S. Navy

Rocks and Shoals - Reading of the Articles for the Government of the Navy

Secretary of the Navy, Individuals serving as


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