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Boxer Rebellion, China 1900-1901

Budget of the US Navy: 1794-2004

Casualties:U.S. Navy, Coast Guard Vessels, Sunk or Distroyed in War

Casualties: U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Personnel Killed and Wounded in wars, conflicts and incidents with hostile forces 1775-present

Casualties, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Personnel, World War II

Code Talkers, World War II

Code Words, World War II

Conflicts involving U.S. Navy

Crossroads, Atomic Tests at Bikini in 1946

Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

D-Day, the Normandy Invasion, 6-25 June 1944

Destroyers Transferred to Great Britain under Destroyer for Bases Agreement


German Espionage and Sabotage Against the U.S. During World War II

Great White Fleet

Grenada, Operation Urgent Fury, Oct-Nov 1983

H.L. Hunley, submerged wreck of


Iwo Jima Flag Raising

Kosovo: U.S. Navy Lessons Learned During Operation Allied Force, 1999

Manila Bay, Battle of, 1 May 1898

Merchant Ships and Merchant Mariners during World War II -Research Sources

Midway, Battle of, 4-7 June 1942

National Security and Military History: Research Guide

Navy Numbers (FPO) World War II to disguise mail addresses

Normandy Invasion, 6-25 June 1944

Nuclear Testing

Operation Tiger, Normandy Training Exercise

Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941

Persian Gulf, U.S. Navy and the

Prisoners of War, World War II

Riverine Warfare: The U.S. Navy's Operations on Inland Waters

Seabees, History of Naval Construction Battalions

Ships, U.S. Navy: Lost and Damaged in Action during Wars

Terrorism, Research Guide

Tokyo Bay Surrender Ceremony, 2 September 1945

Tonkin Gulf, Crisis, August 1964

U-505, Capture of

VT Fuze or Radio Proximity Fuze

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