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Disasters and Phenomena

Bermuda Triangle

Bibliography Series

Casualties: U.S. Navy Ships Lost in Selected Storm/Weather Related Incidents

Earhart, Amelia

Exercise Tiger, Normandy Training Exercise

Family Members Serving Together at Sea

Flight 19, Loss of

German Espionage and Sabotage Against the U.S. During World War II

H.L. Hunley, submerged wreck of

Hurricanes and Typhoons: The Effect of Cyclonic Winds on U.S. Naval Operations

Indianapolis, USS, (CA-35); Loss of, 30 July 1945

Influenza of 1918 and the U.S. Navy

Maine, USS, Sinking of, 1898

Philadelphia Experiment

Point Honda, Disaster in 1923

Port Chicago Naval Magazine Explosion, 17 July 1944

Ships: U.S. Navy: Lost in Selected Storm/Weather Related Incidents

Ships, U.S. Navy: Lost and Damaged in Action during Wars

Ships, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard: Lost or Damaged Beyond Repair during World War II

Somers, brig, 1842

Squalus, USS (SS-192): The Sinking, Rescue of Survivors, and Subsequent Salvage, 1939

Submarines, U.S. Navy: Losses, Selected Accidents, and Selected Incidents of Damage Resulting from Enemy Action

Sullivan Brothers

Titanic, RMS

Tsunami (Tidal Wave) Disasters and the U.S. Navy

Typhoons and Hurricanes: The Effect of Cyclonic Winds on U.S. Naval Operations


UFO Research Guide

USS Pirate, (AM-275); Loss of, 12 Oct 1950

USS Scorpion, USS, (SSN-589); Lost on 22 May 1968

USS Thresher, (SSN-593); lost on 10 April 1963

Weather Related Incidents

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