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Bombing Squadron 6 Action Report, Battle of Midway, 4 June 1942

                            U.S. AIRCRAFT - ACTION WITH THE ENEMY


(a) To be filled out by unit commander immediately upon landing after each action or operation
    in contact with the enemy.

(b) Do not "gun deck" this report--if data can not be estimated with reasonable accuracy enter
a dash in space for which no data is available.

1.  Date    4 June 1942       Lat. 30-00N    Long. 179-00W    Time 1230    Zn plus 10

2.  Weather  Clear - Visibility, good - Ceiling, unlimited.

3. Unit Reporting  BOMBING SQUADRON SIX (Enterprise)    Type planes  SBD-2 and -3
4. Nature of Operation: Air Group attack against Japanese Force of four carriers and supporting ships. _______________________________________________________________________
5. Specific Objectives: Japanese carriers _______________________________________________________________________
6. Forces Engaged (include models and markings):                                                     
 Own  Enemy
 7 SBD-2        4CVs, 2 BBs, 3CA, many DDs
 8 SBD-3        Type Zero Fighters Type Kawanishi 95 single float seaplane
7. Type of Attack (Own/xxxxxxx(scratch one): Dive bombing with 1000# Bombs. ________________________________________________________________________
8. Enemy Tactics: Enemy ships scattered and circled at high speed attack. General course southerly. Enemy fighters concentrated on VT, made no attacks on VB at altitude, engaged our planes on pull-out. _______________________________________________________________________

9. Brief Description of Action (include altitudes and range of contact. Altitudes and directions of release and withdrawal) enemy disposition sighted to northward, dist. 40 mi. Own altitude 21,000 ft. Reduced altitude to 15,000 during approach. Attack made westerly direction enemy course southerly. Retired to NW swinging around enemy disposition through N to course for Midway (120 deg) thence to ship. _______________________________________________________________________
10. Weapons Employed:
  Own  Enemy
 1000# bombs, twin mound .30 cal.flex.guns.  Fighters used .50 cal. and cannon of about 20mm.

11. Evasive Action Employed:
        High Speed.
        Low altitude retirement. _______________________________________________________________________

12. Ammunition Expended (include types and fuse settings. Indicate number of duds.)
        15 - 1000# bombs with 1/100 sec. Fuses - No duds. ________________________________________________________________________
13. Results (certain):      CVs hit; each by several bombs; huge fires on both; one of these
                                      first hit by VS-6; a third CV hit by VB-3.
                (Estimated): -----

14.  Damage to own aircraft;    Effectiveness of leak-proofing and armor.
       Ten SBDs lost after pull-out from dives; several becsue gasoline tanks badly shot up,
        others for same reason or because of fuel exhaustion.  Leak-proof tanks not proof
        against heavy small caliber AA and fighter 20 mm fire.  Armor effective.  One SBD-3
        badly shot up - elevators, elevator torque tube, fuselage, and wings.

15.  For attack on submarine. ----

16.  Remarks:  Additional information in sketch.


Lieutenant, U.S. Navy,
Commander, Bombing Squadron Six

Source: VB-6 reports, World War II action reports, Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740

4 May 2001