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An alternate spelling of the Algonquian Indian word "weendigo" which means "cannibal." It refers to a mythical tribe of cannibals said by the Chippewa and Ottawa tribes to inhabit an island in Hudson Bay.


(YTB-421: dp. 345 (f.); l. 100'0"; b. 25'0"; dr. 9'7"; s. 12 k.; cpl. 8; cl. Sassaba)


Windigo (YTB-421) was laid down on 17 August 1944 at Curtis Bay, Md., by the Coast Guard Yard; launched on 28 October 1944; sponsored by Mrs. W. G.


Green; completed on 27 March 1945; and delivered to the Navy on 6 April 1945.


Upon being placed in service, Windigo was assigned to the Pacific Fleet. After a period of duty with the 1st Fleet, she moved to the western Pacific in the spring of 1946 to join the American naval forces in the Philippines. That summer, she served temporarily at the Leyte-Samar naval operating base before moving on to her base at Subic Bay.


Though she served in the Pacific area for the remainder of her career, sketchy records make it difficult to ascertain exactly where she operated. At first, she was in the Philippines; and, in all probability, she remained there at least until 1965 when her assignment changed from "Advanced Bases, Pacific," to "Pacific Fleet." Even this change in her status does not necessarily indicate a change in location, only in administrative assignment. During that time, she also received a new classification and became a medium harbor tug, YTM-421, effective in February 1962. In any event, it is definitely known that, sometime in October 1971, she was placed out of service, assigned to the Pacific Reserve Fleet, and berthed in Hawaii. Later records indicate that, in 1974, she was berthed at Guam, still with the Pacific Reserve Fleet. The move from the 14th Naval District to Guam probably occurred in 1973, but no documents have been found to confirm this inference. She remained in reserve at Guam until June 1976, when her name was struck from the Navy list. As of the beginning of 1977, Windigo was waiting disposal by sale.