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Richard T. Renshaw entered the Navy as a midshipman 26 January 1838 and was commissioned acting master 10 September 1851. Resigning 29 June 1852, Renshaw reentered the Navy at the beginning of the Civil War as lieutenant 13 May 1861. He served in the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron commanding side-wheel gunboat Louisiana during the war, winning promotion to commander 22 September 1862 and to captain 20 September 1868. He retired 10 December 1874 and died 22 March 1879.


William B. Renshaw, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., 11 October 1816, was appointed midshipman in November 1831. Appointed commander 26 April 1861, he was attached to Admiral Farragut's squadron during the Civil War and was commended for the "handsome manner in which he managed his vessel", Westfield, during Mortar Flotilla operations on the Mississippi in 1862. At Galveston at the end of the year, he refused to surrender his ship on 1 January 1863 and set fire to her to keep her out of Confederate hands.


The first Renshaw honored both Richard T. and William B. Renshaw; the second and third were named for William B.




(Schooner: tonnage 75; length 68; beam 20; depth of hold 54; draft 66)


The first Renshaw, a new schooner still unrigged, was captured by a boatcrew from Louisiana in the Tar River some 5 miles above Washington, N.C., 20 May 1862. The members of the expedition named the prize, taken without papers, for Louisiana's commanding officer, Comdr. Richard T. Renshaw. R. T. Renshaw, soon renamed Renshaw so that she might also honor the late Comdr. William B. Renshaw, was placed in service as an ordnance hulk and formally purchased by the Navy from the Boston Prize Court 28 October 1862. She served in the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron through the remainder of the Civil War and was sold at Norfolk 12 August 1865.

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