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Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Editorial note: Owing to the poor state of the original 1959 DANFS histories, many of the original B entries have been revised and rewritten. In addition, new histories of ships in service during the last forty plus years have been added. Some of the histories listed in the links below, however, remain either unfinished, unrevised or both. All will eventually have ultimate dispositions noted, with operational details added later as time permits.

Index for Ships that begin with the letter "B":

Click on the alphabetical list that has the name of the ship history you want to view:

B-1 through Baltimore

Bamberg County through Barr

Barracuda through Beagle

Beale through Ben Morgan

Benefit through Bethany

Betty Jane I through Blair

Blakely through Bonaci

Bond through Bradford

Bradley through Bruce

Brule-I through Burns

Burrows through Byron

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