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Mr. Herman S. Wolk began his government service with the strategic Air Command history office in 1959. He is now the Head, General Histories Branch and the Deputy Chief for Publications, Office of Air Force History, where he has been employed since 1966. In addition to completing numerous articles, papers, and other professional works, he was a contributing author to The Evolution of the American Military Establishment Since World War II (Lexington, VA: George C. Marshall Foundation, 1978) and the author of Planning and Organizing the Postwar Air Force 1943-1947 (Washington: Office of Air Force History, 1984).

Dr. Michael A. Palmer has served as a staff historian with the Naval Historical Center since 1983, most recently with the Contemporary History Branch. He took the BA and Ph.D degrees at Temple University. Dr. Palmer has published a book on the Navy in the age of sail, entitled Stoddert's War: Naval Operations during the Quasi-War with France 1798-1801 (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1987). He is currently preparing an official, two-volume history of naval operations in the Mediterranean and Middle East and a monograph entitled The U.S. Navy and the Persian Gulf, 1946-1988. Dr. Palmer recently completed Origins of the Maritime Strategy: American Naval Strategy in the First Postwar Decade (Washington: Naval Historical Center, 1988).

Dr. Walton S. Moody completed his undergraduate work at Princeton University and took the MA and Ph.D degrees at Duke University under the noted military historian, Theodore Ropp. Since 1970, he has been a staff historian with the Strategic Air Command, the Headquarters, U.S. Air Force in Europe, and the Office of Air Force History, where he is a member of the General Histories Branch. In addition to completing numerous annual command histories, monographs, articles, and papers, Dr. Moody is preparing an official Air Force history, entitled Building a Strategic Air Force 1945-1953.

Dr. Jeffrey G. Barlow completed a BA degree in history at Westminster College and the MA and Ph.D degrees in international studies at the University of South Carolina. His publications include several contributions to book-length studies, and articles in a number of professional journals. A recent work, edited by Cohn S. Gray and Roger W. Barnett and entitled Sea Power and Strategy (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1989), contains three chapters on naval strategy written by Dr. Barlow. He has served as a military and national security analyst with the Heritage Foundation, the National Institute for Public Policy, and National Security Research, Inc. Since 1987, he has been on the staff of the Naval Historical Center's Contemporary History Branch. He is currently preparing an official volume on the Navy and national security affairs and a shorter history, entitled The "Revolt of the Admirals".

24 February 2003