Navy Officer hats in air

Hats Off


Hats, or covers as they are called in the Navy, are an important part of any sailor's uniform. Sailors must wear a hat anytime they are outside. Hats come off when a sailor steps indoors.

In the Navy, there are two main groups of sailors: officers and enlisted persons.

Officers make plans and give orders to complete different tasks.

Enlisted persons help complete those tasks using special knowledge and skills (such as electronics or computer programming) on bases, ships, submarines, and airplanes.

These groups wear different uniforms and different hats. All sailors must learn to recognize the differences right away, because an enlisted sailor always salutes an officer. Enlisted and officer men and women in the Navy also wear special hats to protect them while they work.

When you visit The Navy Museum, you will see many hats. Some were worn by sailors many years ago and others are those that sailors wear today. You will also see hats that help protect sailors while they work. Look closely at paintings and sculptures, because there are plenty of hats there too!

Hat Descriptions and Drawings