Navy Art Collection

Researching Images and Obtainings Copies of Images

Most works in the Navy Art Collection are available for photographic reproduction. To obtain a print, negative, or transparency, first contact us by phone, mail, or fax to determine which image(s) you desire. Once Collection staff is able to determine its availability, you will be referred to the Naval Historical Foundation for more specific instructions on ordering and cost. Most of the images on our site are available.

Navy Art Collection staff can provide limited assistance in researching images. Such assistance is available by mail, fax, or phone, and generally requires that you supply a specific search topic such as a ship name, person's name, or battle name. Extensive personal research requests are beyond the scope of this office. Persons needing to perform extensive research may make an appointment for a visit.

"Drop-in" research is discouraged, due to limited staff availability. Appointments for in-person research may be made for Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm by contacting Collection staff.

Contact staff at:

Navy Art Collection
Washington Navy Yard, Bldg 67
c/o Naval Historical Center
805 Kidder Breese, SE
Washington DC 20374-5060

Phone: 202-433-3815

Sick, Lame and Lazy
Charles Waterhouse 72.69
Acrylic on masonite, August 1971
Navy Art Collection

A humorous look at the sick bay line aboard the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany during action in the Tonkin Gulf.


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