Navy Art Collection
Lithograph Availability

Lithographs for Sale
: Reproductions of works in the Navy Art Collection are available from the following source:

Use the Naval Historical Foundation Photo Service.
The Naval Historical Foundation, a non-profit organization, has made arrangements to reproduce unrestricted photographs from the Command's collections. This non-exclusive service is offered as a convenience to those wishing to obtain photographic reproductions. Rates are comparable to those charged for similar services by other institutions.

  • To contact the Naval Historical Foundation Photo Service, call 202-889-2212,
    or E-Mail

    Brochure from U. S. Naval Institute Press:
    The Naval Institute Print Gallery
    Naval Institute Press, Customer Service
    USNI Operations Center
    2062 Generals Highway
    Annapolis MD 21401
    1-800-233-8764 or 410-224-3378


    Brochure from The National Archives containing lithographic reproductions of Navy Art: "Posters and Facsimiles"
    National Archives and Records Administration
    Research Support Branch
    Room 406
    700 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
    Washington, DC 20408-0001
    202-501-5235 or toll-free 866-325-7208

    Reproductions of posters out of print can still be ordered and purchased through the "Still Photos" Branch of the National Archives at 301-837-3530.


    The Marine Corps Museum Gift Shop Catalogue has lithographic reproductions and is available through:
    Marine Corps Association Bookstore
    715 Broadway St
    P.O. Box 1775
    Quantico, VA 22134

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