Scope of the Online Photographic Library

The Online Library:

  • Picture Catalog - A catalog of a fraction of the photographs and other images held by the NHHC's Photographic Section. The individual images referenced by the Online Library are presented with captioning information, appropriate credit lines and digital reproductions. Subject presentions generally include brief introductory text, providing limited background information relevant to subjects and pictures.

    Other components of the Command have separate pictorial holdings, most notably the Navy Art Collection , which has a presentation of paintings and other art works, and the Naval Aviation History Branch

  • Public Domain - To the best of our knowledge, all images referenced in the Online Library are in the Public Domain. They can be used by anyone, for any purpose, without obtaining our permission and without payment of usage fees.
  • Work in Process - Since its beginnings in early 1998, the Online Library has grown to include over 22,000 images including presentations on a variety of Ships, people and events.
  • Scope - The NHHC's photo collection is not the Navy's official photographic collection. For photos taken since 1982, the Official collection is held by the Defense Visual Information Center. Earlier Official Navy images are in the collections of the National Archives' Still Picture Branch.

  • 05 Febuary 2009

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