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Electronic Finding Aids are posted to help researchers better understand the composition of a particular collection. While the Electronic Finding Aids are unclassified there will be times when a particular portion of the records in the collection are still classified. The classified records will require a "Declassification Review/Kyl Lott Review" before they are made available to researchers. Please note, the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) does not have "Declassification Authority". The "Declassification Review" as mandated under Presidential Executive Order 12958 covering records more than 25 years of age held by NHHC is managed by the Navy's Naval Criminal Investigative Service and not under the control of this command. In addition to the “Declassification Review” as mandated under Presidential Executive Order 12958, Congress adopted an amendment to the 1999 and 2000 Defense Authorization Act, commonly known as the Kyl-Lott Amendment, that required a review or a “re-review” of previously declassified collections to ensure records containing Restricted Data or Formerly Restricted Data were not authorized for declassification or release to the public. Therefore, many collections held by the Naval History and Heritage Command had an initial “Declassification Review” but are now no longer available to researchers until they have had a Kyl-Lott Review.

If there is a particular record in a collection that a researcher is interested in reviewing but is still classified then a FOIA request should be submitted requesting a "Declassification Review" be conducted for the record/collection. FOIA requests should be submitted to www.foia.navy.mil.


Official Collections:

Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installations and Environment), COLL-498
BuPers Records of USS Pueblo Incident, 1968-1969, COLL-554
Chief of Information Subject Files, 1958-1990, COLL-525
CNO, Flag Plot-Vietnam, 1959-1973 Collection, COLL-20
CNO: Organizational Research and Policy Division, 1932-1949, COLL-638
CNO: Shore and Fleet Organization Branch (SNDL) Collection, COLL-94, 1942-2009
CNO: Strategic Plans Division (1940-1970) and Predecessor Organizations (1912-1947), COLL-369
CNO Study Group on Women in the Navy, 1942-1987, COLL-31
Coastal Division 12 Records, 1967-1970, COLL-462
Commander Naval Forces Vietnam, COLL-354
Communications Publications Collection, 1929-1989, COLL-516
Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center, 1945-1991, COLL-483
Military Sealift Command in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, 1990-1991, COLL-521
Naval Base Kenitra, Morocco, 1943-1980, COLL-47
Naval Facility Argentia, New Foundland 1941-1984, COLL-81
Naval Forces Vietnam, Lessons Learned and End of Tour Reports, 1968-1970, COLL-54
Navy Research and Development Unit, Vietnam (NREUV) 1967-1972, COLL-503
Office of Naval Communications, 1941-1971, COLL-560
Organizational Records: The Office of Chief of Naval Operations, 1946-2000, COLL-552
Seventh Fleet Public Affairs, 1985-1991, COLL-524
Speeches of the Chief of Naval Operations, 1973-1997, COLL-532
Subic Bay Naval Station, 1921-1992, COLL-67
Vietnam Command File Collection, COLL-372
Vietnam Strike Assault Boat Squadron 20, 1969-1970, COLL-83
Vietnam Subject File, OpReps, 1959-1973, COLL-660

Personal Paper Collection:

Aurand: Evan P. Aurand, COLL-616
Beakley: Wallace M. Beakley, COLL-646
Cambell: Dennis R. F. Cambell, COLL-337, 1942 and 1950s
Cherry: John Myrick Cherry, COLL-252, 1945
Cochrane: Edward L. Cochrane, COLL-333, 1914-1959
Crosley: Paul C. Crosley, COLL-177, 1918-1966
Dyer: George C. Dyer, COLL-128, 1939-1950s
Galloway: Papers of RAdm. Calvin Galloway, COLL-586, 1931-1932
Hayden: Joseph Clark Hayden, COLL-683, WW-II timeframe
Holloway: Papers of Admiral James L. Holloway III, USN (Ret) Collection, COLL-534, 1939-2010.
Hone: Thomas C. Hone, COLL-609, 2001-2002
Manuel: Edward Manuel, COLL-608, no date
Miller: Henry L. Miller, 1942-1971, COLL-541 
Pierson: Margaret Beasley Pierson, COLL-611, 1942-1952
Powell: Paulus P. Powell, COLL-310, 1910-1963
Ramsey: Dewitt C. Ramsey, COLL-619, 1914-1949
Ramsey: Logan C. Ramsey, COLL-307, 1930-1945
Retin/USS Canopus Association: Richard Retin and USS Canopus Association Website
Papers, COLL-682, 1964-2009
Richardson: Papers of Captain Holden C. Richardson, COLL-661, 1911-circa late 1940s
Ruhge: Glenn Ruhge, COLL-612, 1944-2004
Saveker: David Richard Saveker, COLL-614, 1941-1980
Silkworth: William Duncan Silkworth II, COLL-613, WW-II
Valentine: Harold Valentine, COLL-684, 1990s
Veth: Kenneth L. Veth, COLL-709, 1941-1947
Williams: William D. Williams, COLL-685, WW-II
Wilson: G. P. Wilson, COLL-119, 1950s-1980s
Zachary: Dan Zachary, COLL-615, July 1944-June 1946

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