Rules for Researchers at the Operational Archives Branch

Archives hold material that is unique and often cannot be replaced should it be lost or damaged. In order to protect their collections, archives, including the Operational Archives Branch, have set rules which researchers must follow. Knowing these requirements in advance will help you better plan your visit to the Operational Archives. When you arrive, you will be given a copy of the Rules for Researchers and asked to sign it, indicating that you have read and understand the conditions under which the Branch's collections must be used.

1. Researchers must sign in and out in the Visitors Log at the entrance. A photo i.d. may be required to be shown. The researcher will complete a researcher data card. Each time the researcher leaves the floor, they must sign out.

2. Researchers are required to leave coats, books, briefcases and other items in the provided lockers. Paper and pencils will be provided. The use of pens is prohibited.

3. Researchers will work in the Reading Room only. Researchers are not allowed in restricted areas.

4. Special care must be taken in handling all records. Records may not be leaned on, written on, folded, traced from, or handled in any way likely to damage them. Records should be kept in the same order in which they are presented. Microfilm or copies of records will be used when available.

5. Only one box of research material is allowed on the table at a time. When using a box, pull only one folder at a time and mark its place in the box with an orange OUT card.

6. Eating, drinking, and smoking are not permitted in the Reading Room.

7. Personal copiers are prohibited. Personal computers, typewriters, and tape recorders are permitted, so long as they do not disturb others. Permission is required for using cameras to photograph documents.

8. The use of scanners will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Researchers using scanners will be required to sign a copy of the Branch's Policy on Scanning and Digitization indicating that they have read and understand the conditions under which this privelege is granted.

9. The researcher must fill out a Duplication Request form to place a duplication order. A maximum of 50 pages per research project can be photocopied at 30 cents per page in a calendar year. You must see an archivist for instructions on how to mark pages to be copied. Only personal checks or postal money orders can be accepted.

10. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure compliance with copyright requirements before publishing material held by the Operational Archives Branch or lengthy quotations from such material.

11. If you desire records to be held for short periods (no longer than 2 weeks), you must present the archivist or front receptionist with a completed Request for Records to be Held form before you leave the building. These and Duplication Request forms are available from the archivist or receptionist.

12. All notes, photocopies, and purses must be presented to the receptionist for inspection before the researcher leaves.

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