Media Relations

All media relations for the Naval History & Heritage Command are handled by the Command's Public Affairs Officer.

Inquiries from the media concerning naval history, the interviewing of Navy historians and/or the use of Navy facilities for media purposes are welcomed, and will be allowed providing that they comply with Navy policy (see below for details). It is important to the mission of the Command to be accessible to the American people as a resource. Many different types of visual and audio media have been supported, from movies such as Pearl Harbor to documentary television programs, such as "History Detectives" and radio stations, such as National Public Radio (NPR) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Please contact Public Affairs Officer if you require assistance.

Weekdays: 0800 - 1700 (8 am - 5 pm)
CLOSED: Weekends and Federal holidays

History related Queries Contact:

Non-history Queries:
If your query is about the Navy, but on a subject other than naval history, please contact the Navy News Desk at (703) 697-5342.

Press Releases:


The Naval History & Heritage Command welcomes all media interest in naval history. In order to record a segment for television, motion picture, or radio using Command personnel or facilities at Washington Navy Yard, it is essential to contact the Public Affairs Office by phone or e-mail ahead of time. Thirty days prior to the planned arrival is preferable in order to ensure that the Naval History & Heritage Command can accommodate the request.

All requests for interviews or consultation with any of the resident historians must go through the Public Affairs Officer, reachable at the above number. For further information on Navy regulations regarding a media visit to the Washington Navy Yard see below.

Navy Regulations (How we can and cannot help you)

Examples of media inquires we can assist with:

  • Fact checking
  • Assistance in identifying subject matter experts
  • Provide sources of information on historical naval topics
  • Make arrangements to facilitate the filming of a video segment at the Command, providing that the segment includes Navy personnel
  • Provide specific artifacts from the collections of the Command to support the filming of a segment

We cannot assit with:

  • Providing props for any segment
  • Promoting any commercial venture
  • Support of any political campaign

When any media is in the Washington Naval Yard, they must be escorted by a Public Affairs Officer. No filming can take place without permission from the Public Affairs Officer in attendance.

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