The U.S. Navy and World War I

While the U.S. combat forces entered World War I relatively late in the war, many U.S. ships were dispatched to join the Allied navies to deal with German submarines, or U-boats. A mine similar to those the Navy laid in the North Sea to discourage U-Boats from cruising is on display in this exhibit. A captured German flag and recovered U-boat War Service Badge on display are evidence of the Navy's success in reducing U-boat attacks. The Navy also contributed eight 15-inch railway guns, each manufactured at the Washington Navy Yard. Visitors may watch footage of the railway gun at work in France. One of the cars sits in Willard Park, across from the Museum.

The World War I area also displays period Navy uniforms.

Interesting artifacts in the World War I exhibit include:

  • Navy 5 in. 50 cal. Gun
  • "Y-Gun" depth charge gun - Camera(click here for picture)
  • Moored contact mine Mk.6 (type used in Navy mine barrage of North Atlantic) - Camera(click here for picture)
  • Uniforms and weaponry of World War I U.S. Navy and Marines
  • Ship's clock from USS Corsair patrol vessel converted yacht
  • Railway gun model

Exhibit overview
Exhibit overview
Landing mines
Landing mines