Willard Park

In front of the U.S. Navy Museum, overlooking the Anacostia River and the decommissioned destroyer Barry (DD-933), sits Willard Park. The park was named for Admiral Arthur Willard, commandant of the Navy Yard from 1927-1930. Willard Park is home to an array of naval artifacts from different eras. The majority are naval ordnance captured by the U.S. Navy. Willard Park also provides visitors and employees with a small picnic area.

Interesting artifacts in Willard Park include:

  • Civil War 100 pounder cannon from CSS Atlanta captured by the U.S. monitor Weehawken
  • 6 in. 30 calibre deck gun from U.S. battleship Maine sunk in Havana Harbor 15 February 1898
  • 36,000 lb. propeller from battleship USS South Dakota
  • 14-inch naval railway gun, one of only eight built at the Washington Navy Yard for use in Europe in World War I
  • Bathyscaphe from the Alvin undersea exploration vehicle - Camera(click here for picture)
Iron guns line a sidewalk in Willard Park
Iron guns line a sidewalk in Willard Park