The American Revolution and the French Alliance

Though facing insurmountable odds, the underdog naval forces of the young United States proved their savvy by helping to defeat Great Britain in the War for Independence. The exhibit traces the American naval effort in its three components: the Continental Navy, state navies, and privateers. Victory was gained for America through a combination of American determination, French assistance, and British military blunders.

Interesting artifacts in the Revolutionary War exhibit include:

  • Dinner Bell of Esek Hopkins, Commander of the Continental Navy
  • Personal articles of Captain Matthew Parke of the Continental Marines during the Revolutionary War
  • Sword and firearms of the Revolutionary period
  • Fore foot from one of General Arnold's gunboats - Camera(click here for picture)
  • Iron 6-pounder gun from Massachusetts privateer Defense
  • Portraits of John Paul Jones -
  • Camera(click here for picture)