Polar Exploration

Byrd with his dog

Items belonging to Admiral Richard Byrd and Captain Finn Ronne highlight the history of polar exploration in this exhibit. The Navy began exploring the Arctic and Antarctic in the 1840s. Visitors will understand the hardships endured by those who journeyed to the polar regions for months at a time to research the area.

Interesting artifacts in the Polar Exploration exhibit include:

  • Telescope and theodolite (a surveying instrument) belonging to Robert Scott
  • Items commemorating Richard Byrd's 1928 trip to South Pole
  • Hut and equipment from Richard Byrd's second and later expeditions to Antarctica
  • Finn Ronne's personal equipment used in 1947-1948 expedition
  • Navy Global Survival Kit
  • Sled - 2 places - and skis used during later 1950's Antarctic expeditions - Camera(click here for picture)
  • Antarctic rock - Camera(click here for picture)