Civil War : Securing the Seas for Union Victory

Exhibit overview

Control over inland and coastal trade routes dominated the Union and Confederate naval campaigns during the Civil War. This exhibit tells how the Union naval blockade, innovative technologies, and strong leadership propelled the Union to victory. The main naval battles explored are New Orleans, Mobile Bay, Hampton Roads, and the engagement between USS Kearsarge and Confederate commerce raider Alabama near Cherbourg, France. Efforts of the U.S. Navy's African Squadron to interrupt the transatlantic slave trade are also explored in this exhibit.

Interesting artifacts in the Civil War exhibit include:

  • Model of USS Monitor
  • Wheel, fife rail, bell, and model of USS Hartford - Camera(click here for picture)
  • Models of USS Kearsarge and Alabama
  • Artifacts recovered by underwater archaeologists from Alabama, including galley chimney,
    English porcelain toilet, and wheel