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Commander Frederick Pearson
22 August 1842 - 23 December 1890

Portrait of Lieutenant Frederick Pearson USN

Portrait of Lieutenant Frederick Pearson USN
Naval History & Heritage Command Photographic Section negative number NH 66659.

Frederick Pearson was born in Pennsylvania. Appointed from Pennsylvania, 21 September 1859; Navy Academy, 1859-1861; attached to frigate USS St. Lawrence, Atlantic Coast, 1861; sinking of privateer Petrel; steamer frigate USS Wabash, flagship South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, 1862-3; attached to the naval howitzer battery which accompanied the Army in the operations against the enemies batteries on Coosaw Creek, South Carolina; attached to the rifle battery at the reduction of Fort Pulaski, at the occupation of Fernandins, Florida, and the engagement the day after between the USS Ottawa and the enemy up the St. Marys River; attached to the Navy howitzers at the battle of Pucotaligo; promoted to ensign, 16 September 1862; sloop USS Jamestown, East India Squadron, 1864-5; commanded chartered steamer USS Ta Kiang, and cooperated with vessels of the English, French, and Dutch fleet at Shimonoseki, Strait of Japan, 1864; commissioned at Lieutenant, 22 February 1864; Pacific Squadron 1865-7; commissioned as Lieutenant Commander, July 25, 1866; steam frigate USS Franklin, flagship European Squadron, 1867-8; practice-ship USS Macedonia, 1868-9; special duty, Ordance Bureau, 1871-2. USS Brooklyn, European Station, 1873-4; special duty Hartford, Connecticut, 1874; special ordnance duty, 1875-7. Commander, 1 December 1877.

Resigned 1 October 1885. Died 23 December 1890.

Source: Frederick Pearson ZB file, box 174, Navy Department Library.

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