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Rear Admiral Paul Henry Bastedo, USN<
25 February 1887 - 17 April 1951
Lucky Bag ...

Rear Admiral Paul Bastedo's Lucky Bag  photograph.

Paul Henry Bastedo
Buffalo, New York
“Lunch” “Paul”

A man of unbounded stomach.


Choir (4, 2, 1).

Always meets you half way with a pleasant smile and a request for something to eat. Stands in the front rank of fussers and always drags. Loves to go to recitation knowing nothing, so he can bluff the prof. Lives with the Goat, but never quarrels. A great believer and advocate of the training table and is forever singing its praises.

“Gee, but isn’t she a peach?”

Source: Lucky Bag. Annapolis, MD: 1908.

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