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Cruise Books of the United States Navy in World War II
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Naval Construction Battalion Detachments

These units are numbered from 1001-1095, 1101-1109, 1151- 1163, and 3001.

Number 1008

1008 Seabee Detachment, 1008 Construction Battalion Detachment, Tour of Duty, Solomon Islands, July 1943-May 1945. Cover: 1008 Seabee Detachment. Anon. [Berkeley: Lederer Street and Zeus, 1946.] 114 pp., brown hardcover with blue printing and map of Solomon Islands in background, 26.4 x 33.8 cm, photos, ports., roster. Controvich 1992. SMPH.

Number 1011

1011-Det. "Seabees," United States Amphibious Training Base, Ft. Pierce, Fla. Anon. N.p., [1946?]. 75 leaves, 26 cm, photos, ports. Dornbusch 1950: 1196, Smith: 10076. No known copy location.

Number 1029

The Ten Twenty-niner. SK3c Sam Rosen, ed. Comdr. Ralph Bryan, CEC, USNR, publisher. Auckland, New Zealand: Whitcomb & Tombes, [1945?]. 96 pp., yellow paper-cover with blue printing, 28.6 x 22.4 cm, photos, ports., roster. Dornbusch 1950: 1197, Smith: 10077. NYPL, SMPH.

Number 1049

1049th Seabees, U.S. Naval Construction Detachment Transportation Unit (cover). MM1c William R. Stagg, ed. Exeter, England: W. Chudley & Son, [1945?]. 19 leaves, heavy blue paper cover with black printing and decoration of anchor and truck, 27.3 x 21 cm, photos, ports., map, roster. Dornbusch 1950: 1198, Smith: 10078. NYPL, SMPH.

Number 1050

This Is CBD 1050. Cover: CBD 1050. Anon. Baton Rouge: Army & Navy Pictorial Publishers, 1946. 138 pp., blue hardcover with gold-embossed title with emblem, 29.9 x 23.5 cm, photos, ports., map, roster. Dornbusch 1950: 1199, Smith: 10079, Zeigler: 1450. SMPH, USNA.

Number 1058

First Arctic Oil Expedition, N.C.B.D. 1058, U.S.N.R. Cover: Com-Ice-Pac Reports: CBD 1058. Lt. Harry F. Corbin, ed. Wichita: Grit Printing Co., [1945?]. 178 pp., blue and white hardcover with white printing and oil rig on snow field, 27.5 x 21 cm, photos, ports., map, roster. Dornbusch 1951: 1530, Smith: 10080. NYPL, SMPH.

Number 1067

The Saga of 1067. Cover: 1067th NCBU, Commissioned 14 Oct. 1944. L. H. Washburn, CBU, and Y3c F. E. Petters, eds. Baton Rouge: Army & Navy Pictorial Publishers, 1946. 103 pp., embossed blue hardcover with embossed printing and multicolor shield, 30.9 x 23.3 cm, photos, ports., map, roster. Dornbusch 1950: 1200, Smith: 10081. NYPL, SMPH.