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Cruise Books of the United States Navy in World War II
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Naval Aviation Unit Cruise Books

Carrier Air Groups

Air Group 2

Oriental Odyssey of Air Group Two. Lt. (jg) Ken Nelson, ed. Chicago: Smith-Craft, [1946?]. 76 leaves, blue padded hardcover with gold-embossed title and silhouette of Essex class aircraft carrier, 30.5 x 22.9 cm, photos, ports., roster, reproduction of squadron insignia drawn by Walt Disney staff. PNAM.

Air Group 3

Air Group 3 (cover). Anon. N.p., [1945?]. 14 leaves, 34 cm, photos, ports. Dornbusch 1950: 1040. No known copy location.

Air Group 6

Carrier Air Group Six: A WW2 History of Carrier Air Group Six Prepared by the Officers & Men on the Last Cruise. Cover: Air Group Six, United States Navy. Lt. Comdr. W. H. Fitzpatrick. N.p., [1945?]. 50 leaves, blue gray hardcover with title and four emblems, 31.5 x 23.1 cm, photos, ports., map, roster. PNAM.

Air Group 7

Air Group Seven. Lt. (jg) R. G. Hanecak, USNR, ed. N.p., [1945?]. 132 pp., embossed blue hardcover with red and gold printing and horseshoe, 28 x 36.3 cm, photos, ports., maps, roster. Dornbusch 1950: 1041. NYPL.

Air Group 9

U.S.S. Essex, Carrier Air Group 9: The Record of the First Two Years, From the Forming of the Air Group in March 1942 to the Return From Action Against the Enemy in March 1944. Anon. Chicago: Lakeside Press, [1945?]. 119 pp., 29 cm, photos, ports. Dornbusch 1950: 1043. Private collection.

Air Group Nine Second Pacific Cruise, March 1944-July 1945, USS Lexington [and] USS Yorktown. Anon. Allentown, Pa.: Miers-Bachman Lithographing Co., 1945. 88 leaves, 29 cm, photos, ports. Dornbusch 1950: 1042. No known copy location.

Air Group 10

Carrier Air Group Ten, September 15, 1944-November 26, 1945, Aboard U.S.S. Intrepid, February 18, 1945-October 14, 1945. Anon. Los Angeles: Metropolitan Engravers, 1946. 174 pp., 29 cm, photos, ports., roster. Dornbusch 1950: 1044, Dabney Catalogue, August 1991: 376. No known copy location.

Air Group 11

Air Group Eleven: Fighting Squadron Eleven, "The Sundowners," August 9, 1943. Anon. N.p., [1943?]. 14 leaves. Dornbusch 1950: 1051. No known copy location.

Air Group 17

Air Group Seventeen Review, 1944-1945 (cover). Anon. Printed on board. [1945?]. 14 leaves, heavy gray paper cover with black printing and photo of Hornet in background, 27 x 21 cm, photos, ports., map. NYPL.

Air Group 20

Air Group 20: An Unofficial Portrayal of Carrier Air Group Twenty, U.S. Pacific Fleet, From Commissioning to Completion of Combat Cruise, 1943-1945. Compiled from private and naval sources in 1949. Multiple authors. N.p., 1949. 84 pp., blue hardcover with gold printing and wings, 28.8 x 22.2 cm, photos, ports., roster, chronology of events. Dornbusch 1950: 1945, Zeigler: 1107. NDL.

Air Group 27

The Log of Air Group Twenty-seven in World War II. Anon. Chicago: Manz, [1945?]. 30 leaves, photos, ports. Dabney Catalogue, August 1991: 376. No known copy location.

Air Group 33

The Odyssey of Thirty-three, May 1944-November 1945. Cover: The Odyssey of Thirty-Three. Lt. (jg) Ralph H. Hallen, ed. N.p., [1946?]. 33 leaves, blue hardcover with gold printing, 27.4 x 20.6 cm, photos, ports., map, roster. NDL, PNAM.

Air Group 40

Air Group 40, June 1944-August 1945 (cover). Anon. N.p., [1946?]. 50 pp., purple hardcover with blue printing and gold wings, spiral binding, 27.4 x 20.8 cm, photos, ports., roster. No known copy location.

Air Group 47

There I Was: The Story of Air Group 47 on U.S.S. Bataan CVL- 29, WW2. Private collection list. No known copy location.

Air Group 60

5,000 Miles Towards Tokyo. Green Peyton. Norman, Okla.: University of Oklahoma Press, 1945. 173 pp., dust jacket, gray hardcover, 21 x 14.2 cm, reproductions of paintings by William F. Draper, map on end papers, roster. Private collection.

Air Group 81

See cruise book, Prep Charlie under Wasp (CV 18). It includes an account of Air Group 81.

Air Group 83

Essex Air Group: CVG-83: The Combat Story of Air Group 83 and the U.S.S. Essex From 10 March 1945 to 13 September 1945. Cover (on spine): Essex Air Group CVG 83. Anon. Chicago: Sleepeck-Helman Printing Co., January 1946. 127 leaves, blue hardcover with silhouette of Essex and white spine, 31.4 x 24.5 cm, photos, ports., roster. PNAM.

Air Group 86

Carrier Air Group Eighty-six. Robert Camp, Jr., ed. New York: North River Press, 1946. 140 leaves, white hardcover with blue, black, and gold printing and air battle scene as background, 31 x 23.6 cm, photos, ports., roster. Dornbusch 1950: 1046, Zeigler: 1416. NYPL.

Air Group 94

Carrier Air Group Ninety-four, '44-'45. Anon. N.p., [1948?]. 98 leaves, photos, ports., map, roster. Dabney Catalogue, August 1991: 376. No known copy location.