United States Naval History: A Bibliography

Seventh Edition, 1993

Revised by Barbara A. Lynch and John E. Vajda



General Works
Pictorial Histories

Naval History by Period

American Revolution, 1775-1783
American Revolution-Biography
Formative Years, 1784-1860
Quasi-War With France and Barbary Wars
War of 1812
War of 1812-Biography
Mexican War
Civil War, 1861-1865
Civil War-Biography
Emergence of a Modern Navy, 1866-1916
Spanish American War
World War I, 1917-1918
Between World Wars, 1919-1941
World War II
General Works
World War II-Atlantic Theater
World War II-Pacific Theater
World War II-Biography
Postwar Years, 1946-1991
General Works
Korean War
Conflict in Southeast Asia
Conflict in Southeast Asia- Biography
Post-Southeast Asia

Organizational Histories

Special Subjects

Awards and Decorations
Diplomacy and Foreign Relations
Expeditions and Exploration
Flags and Pennants
Military Government and Civil Affairs
Minorities and Women in the Navy
Naval Academy
Naval Aviation
Naval Medicine
Personnel, Education and Training
Science and Technology
Strategy and Tactics
Uniforms and Insignia
Coast Guard History
Biographies, Memoirs
Biographical Lists and Registers
Bibliographies and Research Aids


This edition of United States Naval History: A Bibliography incorporates more than 450 titles chosen from the large body of naval historical literature published since the bibliography's sixth edition appeared in 1972. In addition to updating this list of significant works in the field of naval history our compilers added new editions of previously cited books and, in a fewcases, key titles omitted from the earlier version.

Despite its considerable length, we wish to stress that this bibliography is selective rather than exhaustive. Its primary aim is to identify books and articles for the general reading needs of naval professionals, students, and the public. Advanced researchers may find this compilation a useful starting point. But, their requirements can best be met by consulting more exhaustive and specialized bibliographies, a number of which are cited in this work.

Every effort was made to cite only those publications generally found in larger federal, public, or academic libraries, or that are likely to circulate freely on an interlibrary loan basis. The overwhelming emphasis of the bibliography is upon United States naval history. Nevertheless, a few sources on foreign navies, the Navy's sister services, and other defense organizations are included when those titles refer to activities that involve the United States Navy.

No work published after September 1992 is included in this bibliography. Normally, annotations are included only for those titles that are not self-explanatory. Previous versions of this bibliography listed titles under all appropriate subtitles. In an attempt to reduce its length, each title in the new edition normally is listed only once under its primary subject category.

Two superb professionals associated with the Navy Department Library were the principal compilers of this edition: Barbara A. Lynch, the former reference librarian, and John E. Vajda, the Library Director. I also wish to acknowledge the valuable contributions made by Stanley Kalkus, formerly the Librarian of the Navy; his assistant, Claudia Tillery; and William S. Dudley, the Naval Historical Center's Senior Historian. The demanding task of editing this work was handled competently by the Center's senior editor, Sandra J. Doyle, and her assistant, Akio J. Stribling.

The publication of this edition of United States Naval History: A Bibliography inaugurates a publication series known as Naval History Bibliographies. Considering the Navy Department Library's central role in preparing the work, it is entirely appropriate for this volume to initiate the new series. The Navy Department Library, the nucleus from which the Naval Historical Center grew, has undertaken bibliographic activities throughout its 192-year history. The designation of this series recognizes the continuing importance given by the Naval Historical Center to its mission of encouraging research in naval history. We hope that United States History: A Bibliography will be of continuing assistance to everyone interested in that fruitful field.

Dean C. Allard
Director of Naval History