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Ordnance Notebook of
H. F. Leary

Scope and Content Note

The Ordnance Notebook, begun in December 1909, is a single bound volume and runs to 206 pages of text. Kept by Ensign H.F. Leary, the Notebook contains his extensive descriptions and technical notes on armament production for the U.S. Navy. Some of the lengthiest descriptions are on the subjects of steel making, the production of ship's guns and armor plate, formulation and testing of smokeless powder, and The Bethlehem Steel Company. The entries are handwritten in ink and there are numerous hand-drawn diagrams throughout the text. A large number of photographs and blueprints have been pasted into the book as well to illustrate the discussion. Tables, charts, and graphs created during the testing of powder and equipment or used as manufacturing guides are found throughout the text

At some later time, the book passed into the possession of George A. Chadwick, Sr. Chadwick worked as an engineer and designer for the Navy's Bureau of Ordnance during World War I and through the inter-war years. All of the entries are made in the same hand, and the text falls between 1909 and 1910. Although there is an insert dated as late as 1939, it appears that Chadwick used the book mainly for reference and information purposes rather than making new entries.

Topics discussed in the notebook include:

Preferred Citation

This collection should be cited as Ordnance Notebook of H.F. Leary, Operational Archives Branch, Naval Historical Center, Washington, D.C.


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