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Chief of Naval Operations
Immediate Office Files,

Scope and Content Note

These records, accumulated within the personal office of the Chief of Naval Operations, include official and personal correspondence, internal memoranda, dispatches (especially for the Vietnam period), official studies and reports, and some publications. Generally, only classified or otherwise sensitive materials are filed here. For records relating to Joint Chiefs of Staff matters of special interest to the Chief of Naval Operations, see the collection of records of the Secretary to the Chief of Naval Operations for JCS Matters. A general inventory showing the folder titles is available for some years. For the period since 1951 there is a card index that shows all classified documents routed through the immediate office of the Chief of Naval Operations and also indicating which documents were retained for these files.

The Chiefs of Naval Operations during the period covered by these files were: Ernest J. King 1942-45; Chester Nimitz 1945-47; Louis Denfeld 1947-49; Forrest Sherman 1949-51; William Fechteler 1951-53; Robert Carney 1953-55; Arleigh Burke 1955-61; George Anderson 1961-63; David McDonald 1963-67; Thomas Moorer 1967-70; Elmo Zumwalt 1970-74; James Holloway III 1974-78; Thomas B. Hayward 1978-82; James Watkins 1982-86; Carlisle Trost 1986-90; Frank Kelso II 1990-94; Jeremy Boorda 1994-96. This collection also contains some documentation that originated within the Immediate Office of the Vice-Chief of Naval Operations. There is a separate collection of VCNO papers also, as well as some separate personal paper collections for some of the CNOs.

Preferred Citation

This collection should be cited as the Immediate Office Files of the Chief of Naval Operations, Operational Archives Branch, Naval Historical Center, Washington, D.C.


1,400 cubic feet

3 July 2003