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Paintings of Naval Aviation


Robert Benney

A native New Yorker, Benney had his first opportunity to devote full time to painting in 1936 and 1937, when he traveled to Haiti, the Dutch West Indies, and British and Dutch Guiana. He left New York soon after to live on the Gaspe Peninsula in Canada. His paintings have been widely exhibited, and invited to national art exhibitions, including the Corcoran Gallery and the Brooklyn Museum. Benny worked in New York prior to his travels, creating portraits of famous personalities, including Alfred Lunt, Claude Rains, Raymond Massey, John Barrymore, George Arliss and many others. Benny has been honored with exhibitions in the Museum of the City of New York and also the New York Public Library.


Lawrence Beall-Smith

Born in Washington, D.C., in 1909, Smith graduated from the University of Chicago and received art training at nights at Chicago's Art Institute, summers at Gloucester and under Hopkinson and Zimmerman of Boston. His work has been exhibited in the International Exhibition of Lithography and Wood Engraving at the Chicago Art Institute. Smith's work in represented in permanent collections of Herron Art Institute, Harvard University's Addison Gallery, University of Minnesota, Sheldon Swope Art Gallery, and many private collections. He was appointed art instructor for city schools in Boston.


Howard Baer

Born in a little mining town below Pittsburgh in 1907, Baer received an art education at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh. He was a resident of New York since 1929, except for long trips into Southern France and Mexico. He achieved widespread attention for drawing, illustrations and cartoons in The New Yorker, Esquire and other magazines. He spent several months in 1941 in the interior mountain village of Chapala, Mexico, where he found his first opportunity since graduating from art school to devote his time to easel painting. The series of paintings and large mural of the town which resulted from this trip made up a noteworthy exhibition in the Associated American Artists Galleries in New York.


Adolf Dehn

Born in Minnesota in 1895, Dehn studied at the Minneapolis Art School and Art Students League of New York. Awarded the Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in 1939, he traveled throughout the United States and Mexico. Among his awards were Honorable Mention at the Philadelphia Alliance and First Print Prize from the Philadelphia Alliance. For seven successive years, his graphic works have been included in Fifty Prints of the Year. Represented in permanent collections of Metropolitan, Whitney, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and British Museums, Addison Gallery, Honolulu Academy, Oslo National Museum, British Museum, London.


Don Freeman

Born in San Diego in 1908; Freeman came to New York in 1929. He studied with John Sloan and Art Wickey at the Art Students League. He started his art career as trumpet player, spending much time backstage sketching members of the casts. These drawings soon appeared in the dramatic and magazine sections of the New York Times and the New York Herald-Tribune, as well as theater magazines. His paintings have been exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Whitney Museum's American Art Biennial Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Corcoran Gallery. The Philadelphia Print Club awarded him first prize for lithography. He served as an Army private at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, during World War II.


Joseph Hirsch

Born in Philadelphia, 1910. Began art studies at Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art, graduating with first prizes in life drawing and illustration. Awarded the Woolley Fellowship to Paris, 1935, Guggenheim Fellowships, 1942 and 1943. Prizes include Third Hallgarten Prize at National Academy, Lippincott Prize at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Honorable Mention in Prix de Rome competition. Represented in Museum of Modern Art, Boston, Philadelphia and Whitney Museums, and many private collections.


Georges Schreiber

Born in Belgium in 1904; came to United States, 1928. Studied in Berlin, London, Rome, Paris and Florence. So grateful for opportunities offered in this country that he visited all of the 48 states, recording his impression of each in a series of 48 paintings which were exhibited in Associated American Artists Galleries, New York, 1940. Won Tuthill Prize, International Water Color Exhibition, Chicago Art Institute, 1932. Paintings exhibited by invitation in Whitney Museum, Chicago Art Institute, Pennsylvania Academy, Santa Barbara Museum, Denver Art Museum, and many others. Represented in permanent collections of Brooklyn, Whitney and Metropolitan Museums, Museum of the City of New York, Sheldon Swope Art Gallery, etc. Author and illustrator of "Portraits and Self-Portraits", book of noted Americans.

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21 April 2006