Navy Medical Art of the Abbott Collection



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Electron Microscope
Carlos Andreson # 17
Oil on canvas, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

These Navy research men are viewing deadly types of viruses magnified more than 30,000 times. Some organisms may be seen in their structural forms, a feat impossible before the development of the electron microscope.

Fever Therapy Cabinet
Carlos Andreson #11
Charcoal drawing 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

As this Navy patient's temperature rises to between 105 and 106.5 degrees, the nurses wipes the perspiration from his reddening face, while a fan cools his head. This treatment is used for venereal and certain other diseases. A hospital corpsman takes measures to replace the salt and water lost by perspiration during the treatment.

Dental WAVES at Work
Carlos Andreson #12
Watercolor, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Their preliminary training is accomplished through work on mannequins. The WAVE in the foreground is demonstrating to a new trainee the process of cleaning teeth. The teeth of the mannequin have been coated with a hard wax to represent tartar deposits on human teeth. Later will come training in more intricate problems.

Medical Photography
Carlos Andreson #11
Pastel drawing, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

The progress of this patient's recovery is being recorded by photography. Photographs of his leg injury and the phases of its healing will serve as a valuable record.

Testing Marching Stamina
Carlos Andreson#16
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

A Marine with full marching equipment is walking on a treadmill that can be moved from to twenty miles an hour. His physical reaction to this hike will be studied by Navy medical scientists.

Carlos Andreson #7
Watercolor, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Here is shown part of the vast galley, or hospital kitchen, with its batteries of pressure cookers, soup kettles, and ranges. Thousands of meals are prepared here each day and the kitchen is able to supply all special dietary requirements.

Recreational Therapy
Carlos Andreson #6
Charcoal drawing, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

A group of convalescent Navy men are trying their skill at sculpting figures, weaving belts and purses, and making other articles. Here time flies and it is found that this work has a relaxing and therapeutic effect upon the men. The Grey Ladies are instructing them and are always at hand when the men are "stumped."

U.S.O Show
Carlos Andreson #9
Watercolor, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

On one of two evenings a week, patients, students, and staff members of the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland are treated to various forms of entertainment. This vaudeville skit is being furnished by a U.S.O. group which is giving the audience a lively evening.

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