Navy Medical Art of the Abbott Collection



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Gently Does It
Kerr Eby #22
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Brawny, swaeting Marines aid Navy Hospital corpsmen in the delicate task of lowerin a wounded comrade down a steep cliff on Bougainville Island.

Dentist of Bougainville
Kerr Eby #27
Charcoal 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

An aching tooth can incapacitate a fighting man almost as quickly and just as painfully as a battle wound. Officers in the Navy Dental Corps go into the front lines with troops and set up "offices," as this one at Bougainville has done, within gun range of the foe.

A Friend in Need (Jungle Rot)
Kerr Eby #14
Charcoal drawing, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories 88-159-CX

Afflicted with jungle rot in an embarrassing and painful locale, this Marine, somewhere on the Pacific front, is treated by a hospital corpsman.

A Gift of Life From Home
Kerr Eby #18
Charcoal drawing, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Blood plasma literally puts new life into the veins of a wounded Marine at Bougainville. Donated in the United States, and often flown to the front, plasma saves countless lives that would be lost without it.

Jeep Turns Ambulance
Kerr Eby #43
Pastel drawing, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

One of the great innovations of the war, the pug-nosed, pugnacious jeep, reveals a softer side of its nature as it becomes an ambulance on the Bougainville jungle front. Though often painfully jolting to the wounded on its journey through the twisted trails of the jungle, the jeep at least gets the casualties away from the firing lines speedily. Plasma transfusions are sometimes given en route, despite the rocky motion.

A Wounded Buddy
Kerr Eby #16
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Faces tight with strain, hospital corpsmen watch breathlessly to see the effect of the blood plasma they have injected into the veins of a Marine casualty at Tarawa. Silence cloaks the onlookers as Destiny balances the delicate scales: Will it be life or death?

He Walks Who Can
Kerr Eby #13
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Wounded in the hand and suffering from nervous exhaustion, this Marine is still able to walk back to a first aid station with a little assistance from a fellow fighter. There was not far to walk for this casualty this was the battle of Tarawa, where "rear lines" were back in the fleet lying offshore and the front was the whole island.

Transfusion, Rendezvous Point
Kerr Eby #11
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Painted from real life, this study portrays the administration of first aid and blood plasma to casualties during the campaign on Bougainville. At a station only a few hundred feet from the battlefront, the wounded are prepared for the grueling and hazardous trip back to a base hospital..

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