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Julian Levi #6
Conte crayon drawing, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

A Navy enlisted man gets his first unforgettable glimpse of his newborn child through the window of the nursery in the Maternity Ward and Nursery of the Norfolk Naval Hospital. This section attends to maternity cases among the wives of the naval personnel stationed at the base.

WAVE Corpsman
Julian Levi #7
Pastel, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

This WAVE works with a falling-drop apparatus to measure the specific gravity of blood plasma.

Aseptic Routine
Julian Levi #14
Ink, pencil, and pastel drawing, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Keeping wounds clean during the healing process is one of the major concerns of convalescence in a Navy hospital. These medical officers are changing the bandages on a flash-burn case.

First Aid on Carrier Flight Deck
Julian Levi #18
Charcoal drawing, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

The distinguishing helmet helps in the immediate recognition of a hospital corpsman on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Yorktown.

Sick Ward
Julian Levi #5
Charcoal, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Here a hospital corpsman is taking the temperature of a patient snug under his blanket in the sick bay on the Yorktown.

Convalescents at Ease
Julian Levi #12
Mixed media, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Accorded the best of medical care and given adequate time for recuperation, these convalescent enlisted men are two of the many patients under treatment at the Norfolk Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, Virginia.

Swabbing Down
Julian Levi #1
Charcoal, 1944
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

Since man first went down to the sea in ships, swabbing decks has been duty of seaman. This enlisted man, assigned to the Norfolk Naval Hospital, finds the task no different from that befalling his fellows on the high seas.

Naval Hospital, Norfolk
Julian Levi #10
Oil on canvas, 1943
Gift of Abbott Laboratories

The graceful strength of the architectural lines of the Norfolk Naval Hospital fittingly symbolizes the calm, attentive medical care administered inside to thousands of ill and wounded Navy men every year.

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