Remembering the Forgotten War: Korea, 1950-1953

U.S. Navy Operations in Korea

Throughout the Korean War, the United States Navy provided substantial assistance to land operations. Planes from carriers gave air support to combat operations and destroyed factories, power stations, supply trains, and other targets that interrupted supplies to the Communist army. Big guns on ships, such as the 16-inch guns on USS New Jersey, also fired on inland targets. Along the coast, minesweepers worked to keep harbors clear for Allied operations. Most importantly, Navy ships provided platforms for coastal operations, such as the invasion at Inchon and the evacuation of thousands of encircled troops from the city of Hungnam.


Commando Raid
Herbert C. Hahn #51
Colored pencil, 1950s

In April 1951, a British operation was supported by ships and planes of Task Force 77.


Scratch One!
Herbert C. Hahn #52
Colored pencil, 1950s

Task Force 77 systematically destroyed hundreds of bridges in North Korea.


Herbert C. Hahn #58
Colored pencil, 1950s

An F4U Corsair fighter plane fires its rockets in close air support to ground forces.


Navy Jets Hunt for Trouble in North Korea
Hugh Cabot #20
Pencil, 1952

Hunting for a second target, the sleek Banshee aircraft from Task Force 77 follow rail lines in an effort to cut off supplies to the front. The ruin of a North Korean railway station shows clearly the force of Naval interdiction.


Vice Admiral C. Turner Joy, U.S.N.
Herbert C. Hahn #42
Colored pencil, 1950s


As Commander Naval Forces Far East, VADM Joy directed all naval operations in Korean waters until General Ridgway appointed him Senior United Nations Delegate to the truce negotiations at Kaesong. He served as chief negotiator until April 28, 1952, when the talks broke down.


The Wheels
Herbert C. Hahn #86
Colored pencil, 1950s


Seamen use this good natured jibe at the importance of petty officers.

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