Remembering the Forgotten War: Korea, 1950-1953


Sitting Duck
Herbert C. Hahn #56
Colored pencil, 1950s

The city of Mokpo in the far southwest of the Korean peninsula during an attack in the early days of the Korean conflict by planes from Task Force 77.


Hitting Home
Herbert C. Hahn #54
Colored pencil, 1950s

First aerial torpedoes since World War II were used against Whachon Reservoir.


Herbert C. Hahn #60
Colored pencil, 1950s

Planes of Squadron VA-702, USS Boxer, in a bombing raid on Hamhung, April 1951.


Evacuation Under Fire
Hugh Cabot #45
Watercolor, 1953

The "copter" gets in and it gets out in a hurry with the wounded man. Time, the difference between life and death in many wounds, is now an enemy of only hours and minutes, not days.


Off the Hill
Hugh Cabot #44
Watercolor, 1950s

In the mountainous regions of Korea where the going has been tough, many a combat Marine owes his life to the men who took him off the hill the Korean Service Corps. All civilians, many of them old men, many of them young boys, they work for meager salaries doing such thankless jobs as carrying litters, running supplies, digging forward aid bunkers and laying barbed wire at night.

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