Coming Home

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U.S.S. Edisto Steaming Through Roaring Fifties
Robert Charles Haun #3
Oil on canvas, 1956

Here, Haun mixes up his latitudinal references. In nautical speak, the windy latitudes of 40S are known as the Roaring Forties, and the even windier regions of 50S and 60S are known as the Furious Fifties and the Screaming Sixties.

Ice Breaker U.S.S. Edisto leads the U.S.S. Arneb Return From Antarctica
Robert Charles Haun #67
Watercolor on board, February 1956

Study for 88-192-C above.

The U.S.S. Arneb left Antarctica on 3 February and sailed for New Zealand. U.S.S. Edisto escorted Arneb through the pack ice area but found there was nothing to worry about, so Arneb proceeded alone. The other ships followed suit soon after, with U.S.S. Glacier being the last ship to depart Antarctica on 29 March. A total of 166 American men remained to "winter over," making repairs to equipment and packaging the freight to be hauled overland to build future bases as part of Operation Deep Freeze II. Their next mail drop would come in October

Assault on Antarctica
Robert Charles Haun #10
Oil on canvas, 1956

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