Seabees at Work

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Untitled (AV Gas Tank Construction)
Robert Charles Haun #73
Watercolor on paper, 1956

On the neck of land below Arrival Heights, near Scott's Discovery Hut, a tank farm is being built. U.S.S. Nespelen was the gasoline tanker that brought the precious cargo to Antarctica.

AV Gas Tank Under Construction
Robert Charles Haun #70
watercolor & pencil on paper, 1956

One Mile Pump Station
Standish Backus #35
Watercolor on paper, 1956

"Six miles of unbreakable sea ice at the southern end of McMurdo Sound necessitated establishing a portable pipeline through which aviation gasoline and arctic diesel oil were discharged from the ships to waiting tanks erected by Seabees at one-mile intervals. These camps also doubled as the Antarctic version of the drive-in restaurant, sometimes providing hot coffee for the pipeline patrol and crews of the passing tractor trains. At the ice-edge in the background, offloading cargo lies the Coast Guard icebreaker Eastwind, next to the tanker Nespelen, and YOG-34." --Commander Standish Backus

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