The Invasion of Normandy: Portraits


Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King, U.S.N.
McClelland Barclay
Oil on canvas, circa 1944



King was the Commander in Chief , US Fleet from 30 December 1941 to 2 September 1945.



General Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S.A.
McClelland Barclay #1
Oil on canvas, circa 1944



Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander and the man behind the Normandy Invasion.


Admiral Sir Bertram H. Ramsey, R.N.
Dwight C. Shepler #138
Charcoal, May 1944



Famous as the British flag officer who engineered the Dunkirk evacuation, and commander of the British Task Force at Sicily, Ramsey commanded the great Allied amphibious force of continental invasion at D-Day.



Rear Admiral Sir T. Phillip Vian, R.N.
Dwight C. Shepler #139
Charcoal, May 1944



In command afloat of the British and Allied half of the assault forces, he was a hero of the Norway and Mediterranean campaigns.



Rear Admiral Alan G. Kirk, U.S.N.
Dwight C. Shepler #137
Sepia on paper, March 1944



A veteran of the Sicilian invasion, Kirk was in command afloat of an Allied assault force.



Rear Admiral John L. Hall
Dwight C. Shepler #142
Charcoal, June 11, 1944



This veteran of amphibious campaigns commanded Force O at Normandy. His craft assaulted Omaha Beach, while that of the late Rear Admiral Moon attacked Utah Beach, both grounds comprising Western Task Force. Omaha Beach, backed by heavily defended bluffs and cliffs, stretched form Port-en-Bessin to Pointe de Hoe, and was bitterly contested. Hall also commanded one of the task forces of the Sicilian invasion. This sketch was done from life on his flagship on D plus six.



Lt. Commander John D. Bulkeley
Dwight C. Shepler #140
Sepia on paper, 1944





Navy Scouts of "Omaha Beach: Lt.(j.g.) Phil Bucklew U.S.N.R.
and Lt.(j.g.) Grant G. Andreason

Dwight C. Shepler #143
Charcoal, June 11, 1944


These junior lieutenants spearheaded and guided the two assault landings of Omaha beachhead. In their support craft they were the first men in, just after dawn, while dusk found them still on the job and, strangely enough, still alive. Both distinguished themselves at Sicily and Salerno, Bucklew holding the Navy Cross and the Silver Star.



Monsieur Leon Gouye, Pecheur, Le Maire de Grand Camp Les Bains
Dwight C. Shepler #148
Pastel, June 1944



This Normandy fisherman was mayor of the first town set free at the American beachhead. He assisted the invading forces in making use of the tiny port for the unloading of supplies. His portrait was sketched in his house, which was somewhat battered by U.S. Naval shellfire.


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