The Invasion of Normandy: Beach Activity


D-Day Utah Beach
Mitchell Jamieson #I
Charcoal, June, 1944


An artist's study of various landing beach activities.



Unidentified Landing Scene
Mitchell Jamieson #V-71 (reversed side)
Pen, circa 1944


The great, gaping bow gates of U.S. Navy LSTs opened when the ships came to the landing beaches at high tide, enabling their cargoes of tanks, trucks, and other war materials and troops to easily get to the shore.



Mitchell Jamieson #I (reversed side)
Pencil & wash, 1944

An LST waited on the beach after unloading for high tide, which would enable her to back away from the shore to take the wounded and prisoners back to England.



Beach Activity
Alexander P. Russo #49
Watercolor, June 8 1944


Men and supplies constantly poured inland from the beaches on D+2 (June 8, 1944).



German Gun Battery Off Omaha Beach in Allied Hands on D+3
Alexander P. Russo #20
Watercolor, 1944




shows the steady stream of ships bring in supplies for troops pushing inlandBeach Activity Omaha Beach
Alexander P. Russo #50
Oil on canvas, 1945




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